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 Bruce Dale, PhD  ♦  Peter Vadas, PhD


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Bruce Dale Keynote Speaker

Peter Vadas Keynote Speaker

In less than 20 years, from 2000 to 2019, world population increased from 6 billion to 7.8 billion.
It is projected to exceed 9 billion by 2050.

The rapid growth, along with accelerating industrialization and expanding urbanization, has led to a dramatic increase in energy demand. However, the current energy production and consumption portfolio is unsustainable, relying heavily on fossil energy, which leads to many environmental, social, and economic conflicts.

Energy sources must be diversified and secured. Energy consumption must be efficient and sustainable.

A secure and sustainable energy portfolio should include three basic principles: 

Accessibility—Continuous and sustainable energy supply for global food security and quality of life
Affordability—Reasonable cost to the consumers
Responsibility—Judicious care of the environment and natural resources 


Join Us in the Transformation

Unique approaches. Meaningful insights. New technologies. 

Join us for the third in ASABE's series of Global Initiative conferences and be a part of the community pursuing transformation of our energy strategies. 

Program Highlights

•     Novel renewable energy production technologies
•     Distributed renewable energy production systems and their economic feasibility
•     Energy security and food security linkages
•     Regional energy solutions and their impacts on global climate change
•     Regulation and policy for regional and global energy security










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